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On 7 May, RWM Bro. James Gourlay, welcomed a Deputation of Brethren for Loyalty Lodge No. 86 English Constitution, in the Province of Lancashire, into Lodge Troon Navigation No. 86. Thereafter a Deputation from the PGLA, headed by RWPGM Bro. Archibald Chalmers was welcomed into the Lodge. The Deputation from Loyalty lodge was headed by Worshipful Master Paul Hronby. Also present was PPGM of Glasgow Bro. George AL McEwan.

On 6 May, RWM Bro. James McKinstry welcomed a small Deputation from the PGLA into Lodge St. Thomas Kilwinning Dalmellington No. 433. The Deputation was headed by RWPGM Bro. Archibald Chalmers, including DPGM Bro. Robert Little and PGL Secretary Bro. Robert Stewart. An EA was conferred by the PMs. The RWPGM presented the Lodge with a framed print of a photograph taken when the Lodge arranged a celebration for the presentation of new Colours to the local Scout group. The RWM then presented the PGM with an apron from the Gardeners, to be used as suited.

On 30 April, RWM Bro. James Walker welcomed  RWPGM Bro. Archibald Chalmers into  Lodge Darvel 971. He then welcomed a large Deputation from Lodge Dunlop Caledonia No. 1408.  RWM Fraser Craig and his conferring team from 1408 then raised Bro. Thomas McIntyre to the 3rd degree.

The photograph on the left is of all Past Masters and Visiting Masters at Lodge Thistle & Rose Stivenstoune No. 169 on Tuesday 28 April. The meeting was chaired by Right Worshipful Master Brother George Reid  It was also the 20th anniversary of Brother Duncan MacLean PM (3rd from left, front row) being installed on the Chair of the Lodge. Also present amongst the large number of visitors was Right Worshipful Master Brother Colin Boyd of Lodge St John Royal Arch Ardrossan No. 320, Right Worshipful Master Brother James Dempster of Lodge Irvine St Andrew No. 149 and Right Worshipful Master Brother Thomas Nugent of Lodge Irvine Newtown No. 1662. The Past Masters carried out the Third Degree work on candidates Brother Steven Taite and Brother Steven Burns which was well received by all.
Image supplied by Bro. Steven Travers JD 169

At a special meeting held by Lodge St Andrew No. 126 on 29 April, RWM Bro. Stuart Hamilton welcomed a deputation from PGLA and PGL of Lanarkshire Middle Ward headed by DPGM Robert Little. Also in the deputation was RWPGM James L. Jack of Lanarkshire Middle Ward who was the main speaker for the evening. After the Lodge was closed, the Brethren adjourned to the social club where James Jack gave a lecture on the Battle of Gettysburg and the Masons who fought in the battle, the lecture was enjoyed by all present and there was a good number of questions. RWM gave a vote of thanks to James Jack.

On 28 April the RWPGM, accompanied by SPGM Bro William Steel, attended the last Regular Meeting of the session for Lodge Loudoun (Kil) Newmilns No.51. The RWPGM presented Bro. Jim Wilson with his Mark Master Mason Diploma. Thereafter Brother Wilson gave a very interesting talk on the origins of Football both in Sweden and Barcelona. He was particularly interested in the number of Valley men who were involved in the first professional football game in Gothenburg. That team are known as Orgryte IS today. The brethren assembled were enthralled by his talk. The evening was also a special one for Bro. John Mitchell MM No. 51. Sixty years ago tonight he was Initiated into Freemasonry and was invited to sit in the East throughout the meeting. The RWPGM invited him to retire from the Lodge along with him and SPGM Bro. Steel.
On Saturday evening 25 April 2009, the RWPGM and his wife Sadie attended the Annual Ball and Grand March of Lodge St Peter No.331 held within the Barr Castle Social Club. It was a very well attended evening, wonderful meal and a fantastic band. The evening concluded with the traditional Grand March which had the first part with the Brethren wearing their Regalia and the second part with their wives/partners wearing it. The one and only PM Roger Williamson was the Parade Master. The RWM Brother Steven Boylan thanked everyone who had attended and resurrected a tradition of the Lodge which had lapsed for several years.
The April Communication was held in Kilmarnock Masonic Halls on 24 April. There was a large attendance of Brethren including some distinguished visitors form sister Provinces. RWPGM Bro. Tom Millar of Lanarkshire Upper Ward headed a Deputation including RWPGM Bro. David Reid (Renfrewshire East), RWPGM Bro. James Miller (Renfrewshire West) and DPGM Bro. Tom Woods (Kilwinning). the business of the evening was swiftly dealt with and Provincial Grand Lodge was closed at 9.10pm. The Brethren then were treated to a buffet laid on by the Kilmarnock Lodges.

On 15 April 2009 at Lodge St Peter No.331, RWM Bro. Steven Boylan welcomed a Deputation headed by RWPGM Bro. Archibald Chalmers into the Lodge. Also in the Deputation were Bro. James L. Jack RWPGM Lanarkshire Middle Ward, Bro. Tom Millar RWPGM Lanarkshire Upper Ward and Bro. Alec Hamilton PGL Senior Deacon, Lanarkshire Middle Ward.  The business of the evening was conducted and after the Lodge was closed, everybody adjourned to the Social Club where Bro. James L Jack delivered a lecture on the Battle of Gettysburg, with particular reference to the Freemasons who were involved. After the lecture, which was enjoyed by all, Bro. Jim answered questions.

On Monday 13 April 2009, the Right Worshipful Provincial Grand Master Bro. Archibald Chalmers accompanied by six PGL Office-bearers, paid a visit to Lodge St James Newton-Upon-Ayr No. 125. The Deputation was warmly welcomed RWM Bro. Chic McEwan and the assembled Brethren.The RWM then welcomed a large Deputation from Lodge Prestwick 1060, headed by the RWM Bro. Robert McLauchlan, who initiated Garry Kennedy into Freemasonry in an exemplary manner. After the business of the evening, RWM Bro. Robert McLauchlan presented RWM Bro. Chic McEwan with a certificate commemorating Lodge Prestwick's visit to 125, one of their sponsor Lodges,in this, 1060's centenary year.
Pictures at 125 by kind permission of Bro. Stuart McKenzie Muirhead PM PGL Architect
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