RWPGM Bro. William C Steel
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On Monday 14 September the RWPGM Bro. Archibald Chalmers, attended the Regular Meeting of Lodge Wallace St Hugh No.1212 in Crosshill. RWM Bro. John McDonald presided over a FC Degree conferred by RWM Brother Robert E H Laird and Brethren from Lodge Girvan St John's No.237. During the evening the RWPGM presented three new MM's with their Grand Lodge Certificates and also a well earned Distinguished Service Diploma to PM Brother James Colville. At the close of the Meeting the Brethren celebrated RWM Bro. Laird's birthday with RWM Bro. McDonald presenting him with a Birthday Cake.

On 16 September, Right Worshipful Master Brother Sandy Allan, welcomed the Deputation from the Provincial Grand Lodge, headed by Substitute Provincial Grand Master Brother Drew Rankine into Lodge St. John, Catrine 497 for the Annual Visitation. All present witnessed a second degree before 497 received a clear minute.

On 15 September 2009, Substitute Provincial Grand Master Brother Neville Clark led the Annual Provincial Grand Lodge visitation to Lodge Burns St. Mary, Hurlford No.505. After being welcomed by Right Worshipful Master Brother Stuart McCall, the Deputation witnessed an Entered Apprentice Degree. Substitute Provincial Grand Master Brother Neville Clark then carried out the duties of the visitation and gave Lodge Burns St Mary a clear minute.

On 11 September, Substitute Provincial Grand Master Bro. Drew Rankin headed a Deputation into St. Matthew Kilwinning Dreghorn No.549, for the purpose of annual visitation. Also in the Deputation were the Right Worshipful Provincial Grand Master Bro. Archibald Chalmers and PGL Chaplain Bro. Rev. Ian Benzies. The Lodge Office Bearers carried out a second degree then Bro. Rev Ian Benzies dedicated new regalia, then assisted by the Right Worshipful Provincial Grand Master, invested the office bearers with the new regalia. SPGM Bro. Drew then granted a clear minute to the Lodge.

During the summer, Bro. Tommy Main PM and his wife Jean celebrated their Diamond Wedding. After welcoming RWPGM Archibald Chalmers into Lodge Ayr St. Paul No.204 on 9 September, RWM Bro. Bryan Love assisted by the RWPGM presented Bro. Tommy with a rose bowl to mark the occasion. After a few word from the RWPGM Bro. Tommy replied suitably.

On Tuesday 8 September 2009 the Right Worshipful Provincial Grand Master headed the Annual Visitation to Lodge Thistle and Rose Stivenstoune No.169 when the Lodge received a Clear Minute for which the Right Worshipful Master Brother George Reid expressed thanks on behalf of the brethren of the Lodge. The Right Worshipful Provincial Grand Master also presented Brother William Millar Paterson a MM of the Lodge since April 1949 with his Diamond Certificate on behalf of Grand Lodge. Both Brother Paterson and the Candidate retired with the Provincial Grand Lodge Deputation.
The Centenary Celebrations of Lodge Prestwick No.1060 were held in Glenburn Primary school on Saturday 5 September 2009. The RWPGM Brother Archibald Chalmers led a Deputation of 24 Provincial Grand Lodge Brethren and was welcomed by RWM Brother Robert McLauchlan. A large Deputation from The Grand Lodge of Scotland then entered the Lodge headed by Substitute Grand Master Brother David Wishart. After a most dignified Re-Dedication Ceremony the RWPGM conferred the rank of Honorary Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies upon Past Master Brother Robert "Bertie" Bell. The Dinner which followed was held within the Lodge premises in Berelands Road. After an excellent meal there followed a series of Toasts and Replies which were indeed of the highest standard. The evening was capped off with the presentation of a Cheque to Grand Lodge for £1060 and one to PGL for £500. The Consecration Vessels and Mallet of PGL, which had been used at the Consecration, were on display during the meeting. A memorable day for Lodge 1060 and all of those who attended.
On 26 August 2009 Right Worshipful Master Brother Daniel Bamford welcomed a Deputation from the Provincial Grand Lodge of Ayrshire headed by Right Worshipful Provincial Grand Master Brother Archibald Chalmers. After the business was completed, Right Worshipful Provincial Grand Master Brother Archie  gave a talk on the formation of the Burns Federation.
On Saturday 15 August 2009 a Deputation from Grand Lodge headed by Right Worshipful Depute Grand Master Brother Archibald McAlister McGown, attended Lodge St Barnabas No.230 for the purpose of a Re-Dedication Ceremony to mark the Lodge's 200th anniversary. The Lodge was presented with a new Chain of Office for the RWM from the Brethren of Lodge St Thomas No.201. The RWM of Lodge St Thomas, Brother Roy Brown, making the presentation. Brother William James Graham was presented with his 50 year membership Diploma and new Regalia for the Office-bearers was Dedicated by Grand Lodge. The Lodge room was enhanced by the presence of the Consecration Vessels of Provincial Grand Lodge, this being their first outing for a long time. RWPGM Brother Archibald Chalmers led a Deputation of 23 Brethren including PPGM Brother William Rae, and he replied to the Toast to PGL at the Celebration Dinner. The Town Hall was filled to capacity at both Meeting and Dinner which augurs well for the future of the Lodge. RWM Brother Kenneth A Kidd expressed the thanks of the Lodge for the tremendous turnout.
On Thursday 2 July 2009 the RWPGM attended the Regular Meeting of Lodge Neptune Kilwinning No.442. RWM Brother John Fullarton presided over a Mark Master Mason Degree conferred by members of "442". The PGM allowed Brother William Haggarty, the Provincial Grand Senior Warden, to head the Deputation from PGL. Also present from PGL was Brother Stewart Cruickshank.
On Friday 3 July 2009 the RWPGM attended a Special Meeting of Lodge St John RA No.320 in Ardrossan to witness a Fellow Craft Degree being conferred by Dalry Blair Lodge No.290. RWM Brother Colin Boyd of 320 presiding and PM Brother Peter Morrison heading the Deputation from "290". A superb evening with all those present. Eight reigning RWM's were in attendance.
On June 24 2009 the Provincial Grand Lodge of Ayrshire held its Quarterly Communication within the premises of Lodge Prestwick No. 1060 in recognition of Prestwick No. 1060's Centenary Year. There was a large attendance of Brethren and visitors to whom a cordial welcome was extended. Thereafter the business of Provincial Grand Lodge was carried out as swiftly as possible since it was such a warm summer evening.

The RWM of Lodge Prestwick 1060 Bro. Robert McLauchlan said "It was a privilege to host this meeting and wonderful to see the Lodge full to capacity. Our air conditioning was put to the test on such a warm night."

The photograph shows the RWPGM and the RWM relaxed after the meeting.

Lodge St David (Tarbolton) Mauchline No. 133 held a meeting on 26 June 2009 with a Harmony which followed in the form of a Burns Supper. The event was to mark the Homecoming Year and the degree was conferred on one candidate with the assistance of their Sister Lodge St James (Kilwinning) Tarbolton No. 135. Representing the Grand Lodge of Scotland was the Right Worshipful Depute Grand Master Bro. Archibald M McGown and Right Worshipful Grand Secretary Bro. David M Begg with Junior Grand Standard Bearer Bro. James Bell and Past President of Grand Stewards Bro. Sam Peden. The RWPGM along with DPGM and PG Secy who is also a Grand Steward, were also in attendance. The RWPGM had the privilege of toasting St David and St James with their RWMs replying suitably.

On 16 June the RWPGM Brother Archibald Chalmers visited Lodge St John (Kilwinning) No.173. RWM Brother Alan Rodgers welcomed the PGM and the many visitors into the Lodge and all present enjoyed a Mark Degree with 3 Candidates. The RWPGM presented the Arthur Davis trophy (Putting Competition) to the winner, WJW Brother Alan Buntain.

The RWPGM led a Deputation into the Joint Divine Service of 169, 320 and 442 held on 14 June 2009. The Service was held within Lodge Neptune Kilwinning No.442 and presided over by RWM Bro. John Fullarton. RWM Bro. Colin Boyd of 320 and RWM Bro. George Reid of 169 attended with Deputations. The Service was conducted by Bro. Rev. John Lafferty MM 360/HM 169. His Sermon was "Attendance and Service" which struck a chord with the Brethren. SPGM Bro. William Steel spoke on behalf of PGL and Bro. David McClurkin gave a Vote of Thanks for Lodge Hospitality. DPGM Bro. Robert Little, SPGM Bro. Neville Clark,PG Secy Bro. Robert Stewart and several others from PGL attended.
On 4 June, RWPGM Bro. Archibald Chalmers led a Deputation into Lodge Neptune Kilwinning No. 442. RWM Bro. John Fullarton welcomed the Deputation into the lodge. The RWM had previously extended a very warm welcome to the brethren from Observance Lodge 686 Nashville. All present enjoyed a third degree. The hospitality extended by both Lodges was of a very high standard.
The RWPGM had the pleasure of attending Lodge Thistle and Rose No.169 on Tuesday 2 June 2009. RWM Brother George Reid welcomed a large Deputation from PGLA who were present to witness Brethren from Lodge Observance No.686, Nashville, Tennessee, demonstrate their Master Mason Degree. WM Bro. Allan Grider and his team performed a first class Ceremony which was enjoyed by all. Around 250 brethren were in attendance. This occasion came about thanks to Brother George Dickie of No.169 who made the contact with the brethren of "686". Although extremely warm in the Lodge the meeting was most memorable for everyone present. On Friday 5 June Lodge Thistle and Rose held a Social Night for the brethren from Nashville. The RWPGM, PG Secretary and their wives were guests of the host Lodge. Many new friendships were made during this past week and I am sure that some friendships will continue for some years to come. Such meetings demonstrate the universality of Freemasonry and the reality, and pleasure, of extending the warm hand of friendship to a fellow brother from another part of the world.
On Thursday 28 May 2009 the Right Worshipful Provincial Grand Master attended Lodge Irvine St Andrew No. 149 and took part in a Mark Degree conferred upon six candidates. Right Worshipful Master Brother James Dempster presided over the meeting. The Degree was conferred by Honorary Members, Brother John Kelly Past Master Lodge Rutherglen Royal Arch No. 116, Brother John Hollas Past Master Lodge Rutherglen Royal Arch No. 116, Brother George Reid Right Worshipful Master Lodge Stivenstoune Thistle and Rose No. 169 and the Right Worshipful Provincial Grand Master Brother Archibald Chalmers, ably assisted by the Right Worshipful Master Brother James Dempster and Office-bearers of Lodge Irvine St Andrew No. 149.
On Tuesday 26 May, RWPGM Bro. Archibald Chalmers was invited to give a talk at Lodge Boswell St. James No. 1011, the subject being the Burns Federation and the three principle instigators. RWM Bro. George Devlin welcomed a deputation from PGLA supplemented by 4 Brethren. From the PGL of Lanarkshire Upper Ward, headed by RWPGM Bro. Thomas Millar.

On 25 May RWPGM bro. Archibald Chalmers lead a Deputation into Lodge St. John R.A. No. 320 on an informal visit. After welcoming the deputation, RWM Bro. Colin Boyd carried on with the business of the evening. Craig Munn was initiated into the Craft mainly by his Uncle, Bro Martin McGinn, WSW Lodge Royal Arch West Kilbride No 314, and cousin Bro. Kevin McGinn IPM Lodge Neptune Kilwinning No. 442.

On Friday 22 May 2009 the Right Worshipful Provincial Grand Master Bro. Archie Chalmers proposed the Immortal Memory at Lodge St Matthew Kilwinning No.549's Annual Burns Supper, held with the Irvine St Andrew No.149 Social Club. He was accompanied by his wife, Sadie and PG Secretary Bro. Robert Stewart and his wife, Heather. SPGM Bro. William Steel Proposed the Toast to the Lassies which was replied to by his wife, Tina. Brothers Robert G. Smith PM, Brother Neil Caldwell, SD, and Brother Jim Wilson, all of Lodge Loudoun (Kil) Newmilns No.51 took part in the entertainment. RWM Brother Frank Hill chaired the Supper.
On Tuesday 19 May 2009 the RWPGM, accompanied by PG Secret ray Brother Robert Stewart, attended the Half-Yearly Convocation of the Provincial Grand Royal Arch Chapter of Ayrshire held within the Masonic Premises in Stevenston. PG Chapter was duly Opened by the Grand Superintendent, MEC James R Hodge, then the invited Guests were admitted. The Deputation from PGLA was afforded a very warm and cordial welcome and thanked for the continued support towards Royal Arch Freemasonry. After the routine business the PG Chapter was addressed by three Companions on various aspects of RA Freemasonry. The GS then conferred Honorary Membership of the PG Chapter on a Companion from Largs Chapter and then he conferred the Rank of Honorary Depute Grand Superintendent upon the Rev Ian U. Macdonald. An honour richly deserved and very well earned over the past 35 years. This recognition follows the Rev Ian's receipt of Honorary Depute PGM of the PGL of Ayrshire. A unique double.
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