RWPGM Bro. William C Steel
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On Wednesday evening of 10th February 2010 the RWPGM headed the Annual Visitation to Lodge St Andrew No.126 where the Deputation witnessed and excellent Master Mason Degree. After the Annual Report was made the PGM duly granted the Lodge a Clear Minute.

On 10th February, RWM Andrew Main welcomed a deputation from PGLA into Lodge Ayr St. Paul, No. 204 for the Annual Visitation. The deputation was headed by SPGM William Steel and he granted 204 a clear minute.

On 6th February, SPGM Drew Rankine headed a deputation into Lodge St. David (Tarbolton) Mauchline No. 133 for the annual visitation. After receiving a clear minute, RWM William Lennox thanked the deputation and inparticular, the SPGM for the clear minute.

On 3rd February, RWM welcomed a deputation from PGLA into Lodge St. Peter, Galston No. 331 for the Annual Visitation. The deputation was headed by SPGM William Steel and he granted 331 a clear minute. Also in the deputation was RW PGM Archibald Chalmers.

On Wednesday 27th January 2010 the RWPGM attended the Regular Meeting of Lodge Royal Blues No.399 and witnessed Brother Colin Hunter McQueen affiliating to the Lodge prior to his son Douglas being Initiated into Freemasonry. Brother Colin Hunter McQueen ia an acknowledged authority on Robert Burns. (Photos courtesy of PGM)

On 26 th January, RWM George Reid welcomed the RW PGM Archibald Chalmers and PGSec. Bro Robert Stewart into Lodge Thistle and Rose No. 169. After the business of the evening, and the AGM, The Lodge Burns Supper was held in the social club. RWM Stuart Hamilton of Lodge 126 also attended the meeting. Photos of the Burns Supper will be shown in the “Burns Connection”. (Photos courtesy of PGM)

On Monday 4th January, RWM Colin Cruickshanks welcomed Right Worshipful Provincial Grand Master Bro. Archibald Chalmers and Bro Robert Stewart, PG Secretary into Lodge Coila St. Andrew 1334. The prupose of the visit was to present Bro. Fred Westcott with his 50 year diploma, Fred having being initiated on 4th January 1960.

On 18 November RWM Bro. Steven Boylan welcomed the RWPGM Bro. Archie Chalmers into Lodge St. Peter No. 331. Thereafter RWPGM Bro. Archie gave his talk on the foundation of the World Federation of Burns Clubs.

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