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On Friday 23rd April 2010 the RWPGM attended the Regular Meeting of Lodge St Matthew Kilwinning No.549 for the purpose of presenting Brother Robert Martin with his Jubilee Certificate. The Lodge was presided over by RWM Brother Frank Hill. A large deputation, of 18 brethren, from Lodge Prestwick No.1060 entered the Lodge to claim the Travelling Mallet. Lodge No.1060 had started off their Centenary Year as the Holders of the Mallet and were now finishing the year off by reclaiming it. The Brethren of "549" conferred the EA Degree upon one candidate. (Photos courtesy of RWPGM)

On Wednesday 21st April the RWPGM attended the Regular Meeting of Lodge St Andrew No.126 where the RWM, Brother Stuart Hamilton, presided. A deputation from Lodge Buchanan No.1499 conferred the Mark degree on one candidate.

(Photos courtesy of RWPGM)

On 21 April, SPGM Samuel Peden headed a Deputation from PGLA into Lodge St. Thomas, Dalmellington for the purpose of the annual visitation. SPGM Bro. William Raeside accompanied the deputation. RWM John Haynes welcomed the Deputation, and then carried on with the business of the evening before handing the Lodge over to PGLA. Samuel Peden carried out the annual visitation and granted 433 a clear minute, and then presented a 50 year diploma to PM Thomas Chalmers.

The RWPGM paid a surprise visit to Lodge St John Kilwinning No.173 on Tuesday 20th April 2010. The Lodge was presided over by RWM Brother Sandy Connor who welcomed a large Deputation from Lodge St John Kilwinning Kilmarnock No.22, headed by RWM Brother Paul Parker, who conferred the EA Degree on one candidate. (Photos courtesy of RWPGM)

On 15th April RW PGM Archibald Chalmers , accompanied by RW PGM David Bloomfield PGL Kilwinning, visited Lodge Ferguson St. James No. 566. After being welcomed by RWM Colin Brotherton, RW PGM Archibald Chalmers presented a 50 year diploma to PM Andrew Lees, and thereafter delivered his talk on Bro. Sir Alexander Fleming.

On 13th April, SPGM Drew Rankine headed the PGLA deputation into Lodge Boswell St. James No. 1011, for the annual visitation. RWM John Thomson welcomed the deputation and then conducted a first degree on one candidate. SPGM Drew Rankine then granted Boswell St. James a clear minute.

8th April was the date of the annual visitation of the PGLA to Lodge Dunlop Caledonia No. 1408. RWM fraser Craig welcomed the deputation, headed by DPGM Robert Little into the Lodge. RWPGM Archibald Chalmers was also in the deputation. The lodge was granted a clear minute

On Wednesday 7th April 2010 the RWPGM attended a Regular Meeting of Lodge St Peter No.331 for the purpose of presenting Past Master Brother Roger Williamson with a Distinguished Service Diploma on behalf of his Mother Lodge. The meeting was presided over by RWM Brother Steven Boylan until the presentation was about to be made when the RWPGM placed Brother Roger in the Chair. He then delivered a "This is your Life" talk about Brother Williamson reminding him of a few of the many contributions that he had made to his Mother Lodge, Sister Lodges, Provincial Grand Lodge and the Barr Castle Social Club. A somewhat shocked and surprised Brother Roger made a suitable reply. The night was added to by the Deputation form PGL, apart from the PGM, all being Past Masters of Lodge St Peter No.331. A most enjoyable social evening was spent in the BCSC afterwards with humorous anecdotes and speeches being given by a number of Brother Roger’s friends. (Photos courtesy of Arthur Clark)

On 7 April, SPGM William Steel headed the PGLA deputation to Lodge St. John, Maybole No.11 for the annual visitation. After welcoming the deputation into the lodge, RWM William Cuthbert completed the business of the lodge and then invited SPGM William Steel to present a 50year diploma to Bro. Robin Geddes. A Fellowcraft degree followed before the lodge was granted a clear minute.

On 6th April, RWM Colin Dunn welcomed a deputation form the PGLA into Dalry Blair Lodge No. 290 for the annual visitation. SPGM William Raeside headed the deputation and granted Dalry Blair a clear minute.

On 30 March, RW PGM Archibald Chalmers visited Lodge Boswell St. James No. 1011. RWM John Thomson welcomed the PGM into the Lodge where a Mark degree was carried out. Also visiting the Lodge was RW PGM Designate of Stirlingshire West Bro John Brockie.

On Friday 19th March 2010 the RWPGM attended a Special Meeting of Dalry Blair Lodge No.290 where Brother Colin Dunn is currently the RWM. The business of the evening was a Mark Degree conferred by Brother John Duncan, RWM, and brethren of The Mother Lodge. Accompanying the PGM was Brother David C. Bloomfield, RWPGM of Kilwinning.

(Photos courtesy of RWPGM)

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