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The new tie of the Provincial Grand Lodge of Ayrshire is pictured left and will be available to buy soon. The cost will be £15 and can initially be ordered via PGLA Treasurer.

Bowling - The Indoor Rinks were won by Lodge Prestwick 1060, runners up also Lodge Prestwick 1060. The Triples will be played at Crosshouse Bowling Club on 6 May 2018. Letters have been sent to Lodge Secretaries for details.

Fishing - Dates for the competitions have been issued and are available here.
Golf - Bro. Milton Fleming is organising the Golf competitions. He will contact Provincial Grand Secretary when he has a date.
Clay Pigeon Shoot - Bro. David Harvey will confirm dates.
Quiz and Fun Night - To be hosted by Lodge St. Marnock No.109 on the 19 May at 7.30pm.
Sponsored Walk - Will be held on Sunday 30 September 2018 and is being hosted by Lodge Beith St. John’s Kilwinning No.157.
Reigning Masters Degree - To be held in Lodge Tarbolton (Kilwinning) St. James No. 135 on Friday 7 September 2018. The Masters of “East” area will confer an Entered Apprentice Degree on one candidate. It is intended to hold a planning meeting in Tarbolton on Sunday 8 April at 2.00pm. Provincial Grand Secretary is contacting the Lodges concerned.
Curling - Informal discussions have been held with a view to finding out if the Curling Competition can be revived. If enough Brethren are interested it would start with a few coaching lessons from experienced curlers then teams would be formed to compete for the trophy. As the curling season is just finished this would commence after the recess.
Raffle - Tickets have been printed and distributed to the Daughter Lodges. Each Lodge will receive two books of 10 tickets (£20 per Lodge). Any Lodge who has not received them will be given them at the April Communication.
Raffle Prizes - Prizes are required for most of the events we are running and donations would be gratefully received and thankfully applied.

On 12 August 2017, The Provincial Grand Lodge of Ayrshire held a Ceilidh in the Kilmarnock Masonic Social Club. The Ceilidh was organised by SPGM Bro. Robert Stewart and the event was hosted by the 4 Kilmarnock Lodges. The music and directions for the dancing was provided by Bro. Liam Stewart and his Ceilidh Band. The buffet and dancing was enjoyed by all.

Scottish Freemasons, friends and ladies from 14 Masonic Provinces from all over Scotland accepted a Zipslide Challenge issued to them to be in Glasgow on 14 May to zipslide across the River Clyde to raise funds for Prostate Scotland. Glasgow produced stunning weather for the event when over 170 freemasons, friends and ladies were joined by a large and enthusiastic crowd of supporters who created a festival atmosphere as they took their challenge across the Clyde to the west of the Finnieston Crane to raise money for the charity. They were supporting the Grand Master Mason’s nominated charity, Prostate Scotland, a registered charity in Scotland (No. SC037494) seeking to raise awareness in men of prostate disease and prostate cancer. Through the Grand Lodge of Scotland, Scottish Freemasons have supported the charity and given more than £100,000 in the last two years to support production and printing of literature, booklets and pamphlets on prostate disease to be produced and freely distributed to the public. This is just one of a number of events and initiatives being planned this year by Freemasons over Scotland to raise much needed funds for this charity”. Adam Gaines, the Director of Prostate Scotland said ‘We would like to thank all the Provincial Grand Lodges and Lodges across Scotland and the many men and women who have taken part in the Zipslide challenge to raise such a huge amount of in aid of Prostate Scotland. This magnificent donation will be a tremendous and significant help towards the Prostate Scotland Blue Horizon Robot Appeal to help bring about and support robot assisted prostate cancer surgery programmes in the east and west of Scotland.  This huge amount will help bring the conclusion of our Appeal that much closer - we are deeply grateful.  On behalf of Prostate Scotland I would also like to record our sincere thanks for all that the Freemasons across Scotland are doing to support Prostate Scotland and the cause of tackling prostate cancer and disease, helping enable more men and their families to be reached with information and advice’.

The annual PGLA Quiz night was held on 7 May in the premises of Lodge St. Maurs No.1398. SPGM Bro. Stephen McConnachie welcomed all taking part and then handed over to the Question Master for the evening, Bro. James Kurth PM. At the end of the Quiz SPGM Bro. Stephen McConnachie thanked all for taking part, RWM Bro. Colin Currie and the Lodge for hosting the Quiz, the Bar staff and Bro. James Kurth PM. The cup was then presented to a team from Lodge St. Maurs headed by WSW Bro. Paul Devlin.

On Friday 15 May Lodge Neptune Kilwinning No.442 hosted the PGLA Annual Quiz night. SPGM Bro. James Bell welcomed and thanked everyone for their attendance. He then introduced RWM Bro. Duncan Stanners of 442 who would explain the format for the quiz. A series of 100 questions covering numerous topics were then read out by RWM Bro. Stanners to the enjoyment of the assembled company. At half time all participants enjoyed a gastronomic buffet which was laid on by all at 442. The winners of the quiz with a score of 86 out of 100 were the M&Ms a team of 4 from Burns St Mary’s No 505 consisting of RWM Bro. Stuart Milnes and Mrs Milnes, Bro. Stuart McCall and Mrs McCall. SPGM Bro. James Bell then presented RWM Bro. Milnes with the winners’ trophy, a much coveted piece of silverware which guarantees the holders the intellectual bragging rights for the next 12 months in every Lodge within the Province of Ayrshire. The sum of £224 was raised from the proceeds of the quiz and raffle which will be added to the RWPGM Charity fund account. The booby prize (wooden spoon) for last place with a score of 42 out of 100 was presented to The Missing Links who wish to remain anonymous.


SPGM Bro. Samuel Peden arranged a Race Night on 11 October to raise funds for the PGM’s Charity Fund. The Night was organised and overseen by Bro. George McCurdy of Lodge St. Barnabas No.230 and was held in the premises of Lodge St. John Catrine No.497. The magnificent sum of £1031 was raised and will be disbursed by PGL at a later date.

The Annual PGL Quiz was held on 10 May. Lodge St John Royal Arch No.320 hosted the event in their Social Club. After 3 rounds of questions a team from Lodge Irvine St. Andrew No.149 won the quiz. Refreshments were supplied by 320 and all present enjoyed the night.

Bro. Duncan Stanners of Lodge Neptune Kilwinning No.442 ran a charity flight day from his home in Dalry in aid of PGLA Charity. Brethren of the Lodges in the Province had been selling tickets priced £2 each with a draw for a flight which the lucky winner came along for on 19 May. Over 25 Lodges participated along with other Brethren who came along on the day and paid for a flight. The lucky winners spent some time at the farm awaiting their flight time and enjoyed a barbeque along with drinks. Although the cloud base was a bit low, all seemed to enjoy the experience with many like Bro. John Thomson PM 1011 and Bro. Joe McGinlay MM 135 who had never flown in a helicopter before. Bro. Dennis Warren and Mrs Jeanette Warren came all the way up from Dalbeattie and enjoyed their flight along with the Brethren in Ayrshire. Bro. Chris Muir of lodge St James No.125 very kindly produced a film clip and montage which can be viewed by clicking here. The total amount raised has not been calculated yet but is expected to be around £2,000. Thanks are extended to the many Brethren and friends who attended on the day and to those who helped make it possible, in particular to Bro. Duncan and Bro. Brian Gibson of Lodge St john No.320 who kept everyone well fed with burgers and the BBQ.

The PGLA Quiz was hosted by Lodge Troon Navigation No. 86 on 11 May 2012. The Quiz was won by a team from 86 headed by PM Bro. John Coats.

The Annual PGLA Quiz was held on 14 May 2011at the Barr Castle Social Club in Galston. The evening was arranged and  hosted by Lodge St. Peter No.331. DPGM Bro. Robert Little welcomed all to the Quiz, thereafter RWM of 331 Bro. Liam Stewart took over as question master.  The quiz was won by a team from Lodge Prestwick No.1060 and RWM Bro. Phil Radwell received the Trophy from RWPGM Bro. Archibald Chalmers who also gave a vote of thanks.
On Saturday evening of 15 May 2010 the Annual Quiz Night of PGL was held within Lodge St Maurs No.1398 Social Club. RWM Bro. Danny Bamford and the Brethren made us all most welcome and extended some very tasty hospitality to everyone present. The event was organised by DPGM Bro. Robert Little and his team. The Winners were Lodge St John RA No.320. The Lodge donated ALL the proceeds from the event to PGL.

On 3 May 2009 Lodge St. John (Kil) Largs No. 173 hosted the annual PGL Quiz. The RWM Bro. Alan Rodger welcomed all the teams to Largs.  DPGM Bro. Robert Little also welcomed the teams to the Quiz on behalf of the PGLA.  PM Bro. John Watson set the questions and acted as Quiz Master for the evening ably assisted by PM Alan Galt. A team from Lodge St. John R.A. No. 320 captained by Bro. Alistair Conn were the victors with a team from St. Peter Galston No.331, captained by Liam Stewart, in second Place. RWPGM Bro. Archibald Chalmers thanked the RWM and Brethren of Largs for hosting the event and for providing the hospitality.

The Annual Masters Sponsored Walk was held on Sunday 28 September 2008, starting off from Kilmarnock Masonic Halls. The event was hosted by Lodge St Clement Riccarton (Kil) Kilmarnock No. 202. The late summer sunshine gave a beautiful back drop to a perfect afternoon. As custom dictates, the competition was also held for the best dog which was won this year by Bro, Warnock Longridge PM and his King Charles Spaniel. Prizes were presented by the RWPGM and thanks given to Lodge No.202 for their hospitality and supplying the much appreciated buffet.

The Annual Quiz Night of Provincial Grand Lodge was hosted this year by Lodge St James (Kilwinning) Tarbolton No.135. Twelve Teams took part and each had an enjoyable time competing with the others. The professional Quiz Masters were superb keeping the event moving along at a steady pace. The Lodge provided some excellent hospitality in the form of a buffet which was greatly appreciated by the brethren and the ladies. At the end of the evening the Winners were Lodge St John RA No. 320.

The Wooden Spoon!
The 135 Team

Substitute Provincial Grand Master Brother William Steele is to be congratulated for the sterling work he puts in to make these events so successful, although some more support would be appreciated. The Right Worshipful Provincial Grand Master arrived in time for the presentation of the Prizes, and the Buffet of course.

The 505 Team
320 Winners with the PGM
Confident, Final Answer?
The Annual Quiz was held on 11 May 2007 within the premises of Lodge Royal Blues Kilbirnie No.399. Teams were made up of 4 Brethren and partners in some cases. There is no truth in the rumour that that this was to handicap the more able teams! Here we can see members of Lodge Troon Navigation No.86 in relaxed mood in anticipation of an easy victory. However the result was not in favour of Troon.
Winners 2007 1662 'A'
The winning team in 2007 was Lodge Irvine Newtown No.1662's A Team. The victorious team captain is pictured receiving the trophy from Depute Provincial Grand Master Bro. Jim Nimmo while Substitute Provincial Grand Master Bro. William Steel looks on.
The Raffle
As at almost every Masonic function, the raffle is gathered and prizes distributed. Funds raised generally always go to general funds and upkeep of Lodges. However the Provincial Grand Lodge of Ayrshire does not have the same overheads. Therefore most of these monies are distributed to charity. Substitute Provincial Grand Master Bro. William Steel is pictured here assisting to make the draw and give out the donated prizes with the help of one of the Masonic partners.
Right Worshipful Master Bro. Warnock Longridge of Lodge Beith St John's No.157 is pictured at the quarterly communication on 27 June 2007, receiving the Adam Pettigrew trophy for the highest amount of money gathered from sponsors on the Annual Masters' Walk. The trophy is being presented by Immediate Past Provincial Grand Master Bro John Ralston and Substitute Provincial Grand Master Bro William Steele.
Right Worshipful Master Bro. John Brown of Lodge St John Royal Arch Ardrossan No.320 is pictured at the quarterly communication on 27 June 2007, receiving the Penny-a-Day trophy for the highest amount of money donated by individual Lodge members. The trophy is being presented by Immediate Past Provincial Grand Master Bro John Ralston and Substitute Provincial Grand Master Bro William Steele.




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