RWPGM Bro. William C Steel


Stuart Saunders, Renfrewshire West, Anchor Lodge of Research No. 1814

As a researcher of the World of Scottish Freemasonry, allow me to congratulate PGL Ayrshire on presenting the other side of our Scottish Masonic coin. So many times the activities and work undertaken by our Lodges outside the Temple goes unnoticed.

James Cassidy, Glasgow

Most informative it is nice to see what the other Provinces are involved in for we can all learn from each other.

John Samson PM, Ayrshire, Wallace St Hugh No. 1212

Excellent information and Photography

Jim Walker, Ayrshire, Lodge Darvel 971 and Loudoun (Kilwinning) No.51

Nice to visit the website and keep up with the news. Well done.

John Taylor, Ayrshire, Irvine Newtown No.1662

Only my second visit to the site and impressed by the information and history provided. I will make a point of being a more regular visitor.

Andy Mcilwraith, Galloway, St Medans No.1335

Excellent website and keep up the good work.

Andrew Donaldson, Ayrshire, Girvan St Johns' No.237

A polished site and good to see competition sections. Very interesting.

Kenneth Morrison, Ayrshire, Burns St Mary No.505

Staying out of Ayrshire now but great to get a glimpse of some old faces.

Gordon Newlands, Roxburgh, Peebles & Selkirk Shires, The Galashiels Lodge No.262

Dear Sir and Brother, I have once again spent a happy and memorable week in the Province of Ayrshire. I visited Lodge Thistle and RoseNo.169, Irvine Newton No.1662 and Troon Navigation No.86. What a welcome from all 3 Lodges and Provincial Grand Master. What a great week catching up with old friends and making new acquaintances. Counting the days to my next sojourn to Ayrshire. Yours sincerely and fraternally

Robert Dey, Renfrewshire East, WSW Lodge Thorntree No.512

A truly great experience to visit your website.

John Taylor, Ayrshire, Irvine Newtown No.1662

I found the site very interesting and it was eye opening to see the number of lodges and the amount of events taking place.

Alexander Allan PM, Ayrshire, St. John No.497

Well worth a visit to the site.

Jim Stephen PM, Renfrewshire East, Lodge Albert Edward No.592

Congratulations to all involved at the installation of the RWM and office bearers at Lodge Stinchar Valley No.1705. The happy lodge. A very dignified and entertaining afternoon of which will certainly ensure a very healthy and prosperous future for the lodge and freemasonry in general.

James Campbell, Ayrshire, St John No.334

Excellent photography and narrative

Gordon Newlands WJW, Roxburgh, Peebles & Selkirk Shires, St.John No.32

Dear Sir, May I thank the Lodges of Mother Kilwinning, Royal Blues Kilbirnie and Troon Navigation 86 for welcoming me into their Mother Lodges.The welcome I received was superb and very much appreciated. I met a good few Brothers and friends over my 3 night visit and witnessed some excellent Degree work. Fantastic! I for one will certainly be back to visit. Thanking You. Yours with warm fraternal greetings, Gordon J Newlands

Tom Stewart, Lodge Thistle No.127, Lodge St Lawrence No.144

Just had a look at the website while on the net and it was nice to see some familiar faces. I live up in Forres and I'm the Secretary of St Lawrence No.144. School term times and the poor weather on the A9 and Snow limit visits back to Stewarton. Best wishes for the coming session.Tom

John Shields PM, Aberdeenshire East

Just moved back to my home town of Girvan having been away from my early 20s.Now retired hope to settle in Ayrshire and get involved in the Craft. Mother Lodge Fraser No. 267 in the Province of Aberdeenshire East of which I am a PM. Hope to exchange many fraternal greetings personally.

Jim Gardiner PM, Dunbartonshire, Barns o Clyde 1018

May I express a personal thanks to RWPGM Bro. Chalmers for again attending our Summer Meeting and his kind comments regarding our Ceremonial work. We look forward to welcoming you and any Brother of your Province into 1018 soon.

Cliff Francis, Glasgow, Mosspark 1329

Very informative. Somewhat lapsed member but interest renewed and hoping to be involved again.

Alexander Johnstone, Renfrewshire West, WSW Greenock St John 175

A great site and medium for freemasonry, very informative and many well kent faces to be seen. .I like the idea of the travelling mallet and the fishing competition. .Fraternal Greetings to all in Ayrshire.

Ian McPhee, Renfrewshire East, The Lodge of Erskine 1566

A very well designed web site. Always updated always something new to see on it and given that RWPGM Brother Archie is so busy as are his Commissioned Office bearers that's no surprise.

Alistair Whitehead, (Inverness), Lochiel 1200, (Ayrshire) Darvel 971

Lovely Site. Enjoy looking at it regularly.

Jim Walker, Darvel 971 Ayrshire

From time to time I visit the site and spend some pleasant time reading and looking at the work of the Ayrshire Freemasons and their fraternal journeys. It really does us credit to keep up such hard work. The results however are the friendships we have worldwide. I am proud to be a brother of the craft.

John Beck, Ayrshire Cancer Support

Thank you to the brethren of the Provincial Grand Lodge of Ayrshire and the many other Ayrshire Lodges for your generous and continuing support of our charity. Your help means so much to us.

William Stewart Lodge St Andrew Livingston Station No.1587 ( Linlithgowshire )

Outstanding web pages and I see that your RWPGM Bro. Archibald Chalmers does outstanding visits to his Lodges and have meet him out with Ayrshire in some far away lodges a few times. I must say you must be very proud of him in his hard work within and without the Provincial area of Ayrshire. I will be gladly offer my hand of friendship to him when ever I meet him keep up the good work.

Kenneth William Gibson B.C. Canada PM St.John No.21 & Chemainus Lodge No.114

Very comprehensive information on Craft and Provincial masonic research. Your web site is a delight and all those Brethren who participate in its delivery are to be highly commended on such a successful achievement. Thanks to all and wishing you continued success. Fraternally Yours Ken. W. Gibson OPC.

George G. Alexander PSPGW, Roxburgh, Peebles and Selkirk Shires

I have visited Ayrshire many times, usually as a member of Supreme Grand Chapter and have always enjoyed the company of PG Office Bearers who are usually present. Great to see the various Orders working so well together, especially the Divine Services.

Frank Hill, Ayrshire, RWM St Matthew Kilwinning Dreghorn No 549

Thank goodness for the website - my wife can see what I look like and also its great for jogging my memory! Great credit to the Province.

James F Gray, Ayrshire, Past Master St. John No.11

Very interesting and totally professional well done.

Stephen Drury, Ayrshire, PM St.John (Kilwinning) Kilmarnock PM No 22, HM 51/ 427

Great Website. Congratulations to all responsible, spreads the good news of the Province across the world.

Allan Crawley, PM Florida 1092 SC South Africa

It was a most pleasant experience to view your many photographs of the Ayrshire Brn. I joined in 1982 in South Africa and have visited many Lodges in many countries and was always made most welcome. Quite a feat for a lonely Kilmarnock lad..My favourite Lodge is No.22 whom I will be visiting later this year on my way to reside in Canada where on my last visit I was made an honorary member of the widows sons MCA. Now I have to buy a motor-bike at the age of 65 to be a biker maniac. I have had special jacket and jeans made with kevlar and soft armour as the lady manufacturer could not make me a kevlar kilt I asked her. My sincere and fraternal regards to my fellow Ayrshire countrymen and will be among you again soon.

Ian Agar, Western Province of the Cape of Good Hope, South Africa, Royal Alfred No 420

A really enjoyable web site. Well done.

Allan Crawley, District Grand Lodge of Central South Africa

Dear Sir and Bro. It is a great pleasure to view your Web page as I have have never lost my very strong feelings for my home town and land of my birth especially as we approach the festive season and I a am so far from Kilmarnock and my beloved Scotland. Unfortunately Johannesburg is as usual very hot and humid at this time and it is never the same to welcome in the new year with a double Black Label while wearing only sweaty shorts. I still have the cold and snow in my blood. My sincere and fraternal good wishes to all Ayrshire. Allan Crawley, PM 1092 Hon Mem. No. 22

Bruce Robertson, Galashiels No 262

Great site very much a Burns fan myself must try to visit so I can have a look in person at all the great items you have.Warm fraternal greetings from my Mother Lodge.

Jim Walker, Ayrshire, Darvel No. 971

The site is very interesting and well done to those who created it, keep up the good work.

Desy McCormick, Antrim PPJGW

Very informative website. It is inspiring to read R.W. Bro Archie's achievements in Freemasonry to date as I don't think he has finished yet.

David W Bennett P.M. Lodge Clydebank No. 1234  and A Member of Grand Committee

Nice to see so many well kent faces

Very informative web site most enjoyable

Brian Rooney, Linlithgowshire, Lord Bruce 1601

very enjoyable many thanks

Alan Roll, Norfolk

Excellent site. I greet you all right well. Alan Roll PPSGD Norfolk GLE

Kevin Baker, Ayrshire, Beith St Johns (Kil) 157

Nice to see so many well kent faces.

William Glencross Morrison, Ayrshire, St James Newtown-Upon-Ayr 125

It is really fantastic to look at this on the web. I have signed in as 125. I now live in South Africa. 125 is my mother lodge but I have affiliated to Lodge Alba Gu Brath number 1802, now Central South Africa I have been a Mason for almost 40 years I miss Scotland and the high standard of Masonry. I will always work and strive to be one of the best free masons made in Scotland as it is a bit different out here, however remember the north east corner & the three pillars and the great architect of the universe and let brother be for O that. Please return a note to me you have my address now. So mote it be .

W.J. Hilditch, Linlithgowshire

Further to my conversation with your P.G.M.who recommended I take a look at your website, I have taken his advice and thoroughly enjoyed the content Well done on a great website. Best wishes to all.
Kindest regards


JTC McIlwaine, West Lancashire, Cuerden Lodge 6018 (Grand Lodge of England)

Very interesting and up to date entries around your Province.Well done.

Tom Murray PM, Ayrshire, St.Peter 331

Great website keep up the good work

Jack Adams, Ayrshire, St. Peter No. 331

Very Interesting. Good photographs.


Fred Westcott, Ayrshire, Coila St Andrew No. 1334

Very interesting reading regarding the history of the formation of Freemasons in Scotland

Barry Caldwell, Ayrshire, Loudoun (Kilwinning) Newmilns No. 51

Fantastic, it's great to see and keep in touch with what's happening else where in the Province

Samuel Peden PM, Provincial Grand Lodge of Ayrshire, St John Catrine No. 497

Great web site nice to see the photos of the various functions and events. Keep up the good work.


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