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On Tuesday 25 November the RWPGM was invited by the PGL of Kilwinning to join with their RWPGM Bro David C. Bloomfield, at the Regular Meeting. The Degree of Fellowcraft was conducted in an exemplary manner by the RWM Bro Les Pearson and Brethren of Lodge Dalry Blair No.290. A deputation of Brethren from the District Grand Lodge of the Middle East headed by Bro. Dr Daljit Singh Nagreh was also in attendance. The RWM of The Mother Lodge Bro. Robert McCrea, was delighted with the entire proceedings stating that it was one of the highlights of his term as Master.

On Monday 24 November 2008 the RWPGM attended the Regular Meeting of Lodge New Monkland Montrose No.88 for the purpose of presenting a Paper on “Lanarkshire VC winners”. He was accompanied by a good number of brethren from Ayrshire. The RWPGM of Lanarkshire Middle Ward, Bro. James L. Jack, led a large deputation from his Province, Lanarkshire Upper Ward and Ayrshire, into the Lodge much to the delight of the RWM and Brethren of Lodge No.88. Brother Samuel Morrison was presented with his 60 year Membership diploma. RWPGM Brother Chalmers then delivered his lecture at the close of which he presented a Plaque to the Lodge commemorating a brother of that Lodge having won the VC, Brother John Carmichael. PG Chaplain Bro. Rev Peter Price dedicated the plaque before it was handed over. Brother J G Baird, PM 127, recited a poem suitable to the occasion and much appreciated by the brethren. A most enjoyable evening was had by all in attendance.

On Friday night 26 September 2008, the RWPGM of Ayrshire, Brother Archibald Chalmers, attended Lodge Greenock St John's No.175 for the purpose of making a presentation. He was accompanied by the RWPGM of Renfrewshire West, Brother James W. Miller, and both were warmly welcomed into the Lodge by the RWM, Brother Kenneth Tait. Both PGM's made a joint resonation of two framed photographs of the QE2 as she sailed in New York harbour some time in 1991. Most brethren will be aware that the QE2 was built near Greenock (at Clydebank) and the timing of the presentation was fitting due to the ship making its final return to Greenock in the first weekend in October 2008. The RWM thanked both for the gifts and stated that they would be given pride of place within the Lodge premises. As well as a personal gift for friendships made with the brethren in Greenock it was also to show a further bonding between the Provinces of Ayrshire and Renfrewshire West. (Unlike the Inter- Bowling Trophy the Province can retain these presents forever).
On Saturday 20 Sep 2008 the RWPGM attended the Installation of Bro. Douglas Craig as the new RWPGM of Argyll and the Isles. The meeting was held in the Argyllshire Gathering Halls, Oban. The hall was filled to capacity and the MWGMM Brother Sir Archibald Donald Orr Ewing Bart, carried out the Ceremony of Installation with his usual dignity. The Commissioned Office Bearers were also installed. The RWPGM was accompanied by DPGM Bro. Robert Little, SPGM Bro. Drew Rankine, PG Secy Bro. Robert Stewart. Grand Inner Guard Brother James Bell also attended. The ubiquitous Brother Murray Hunter of Lodge Stinchar Valley No.1705 was also present.

The Installation of the Provincial Grand Master and Commissioned Office Bearers of the Provincial Grand Lodge of Kilwinning was held within the Mother Lodge on 16 August 2008. The Installation was carried out by the Most Worshipful Grand Master Mason Brother Sir Archibald Orr Ewing Bart MA. The Provincial Grand Master of Ayrshire Brother Archie Chalmers had the honour of heading the Deputations from the Sister Provincial Grand Lodges. Brother David C Bloomfield was installed in to the chair with Brother Tom Wood Depute Master. Some other weel kent faces holding office are Substitute PGM Brother David AE Hodge, PGL Secretary Brother Andrew M Campbell and PGL Chaplain Brother James Brennan.

Following the Installation a dinner was held in the upstairs function hall where Toasts were given to The Queen by the PGM of Kilwinning. The Grand Lodge of Scotland was toasted by Brother David Wilson IP PGM and the reply given by Sir Archibald D.Orr Ewing Bart MA. Our own RWPGM Brother Archie Chalmers was delighted to propose the toast to the PGL of Kilwinning to which the new RWPGM replied. Depute PGM Brother Tom Wood proposed the toast to the Mother Lodge and Brother Robert McCrea RWM MK0 replied suitably.

On Friday 8tAugust 2008 the PGM travelled through to Portobello to attend a Special Meeting of The Portobello Lodge No.226 The meeting was to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the first ever Meeting of the Lodge --- before it was officially Chartered by Grand Lodge. The RWM Brother Jim Telford, welcomed the PGM of Midlothian Bro. Barry Nutley and the PGM of Ayrshire into the Lodge and thanked them for their attendance. The business of the evening was the conferring of the FCD on one candidate. At the close of the meeting the brethren, around 100, enjoyed a splendid buffet in the social club. The RWPGM was accompanied by Bro Stewart Cruickshank IPM 204 and Murray Hunter JD 1705.
On Friday 11 July 2008 the RWPGM attended the Installation of Brother George Munn as RWM of Lodge Randolph No.1434 within the Masonic Temple, Cochrane Street, Barrhead. The RWPGM of Renfrewshire East, Brother David A. Reid was present as was the Grand Secretary of the Grand Lodge of Scotland, Brother David M. Begg. Lodge Randolph is "The first Lodge of Enlightenment in Scotland" and after each Lodge meeting he brethren dine followed by a Guest Speaker. The reputation of Lodge Randolph is such that there attendances are very high indeed and visitors are warmly welcomed. The PGM was accompanied by the "ubiquitous" Brother J S Cruickshank PM Lodge Ayr St Paul No.204.
On Tuesday 3 June 2008 the PGM, in his guise as RWM of Lodge Stinchar Valley No.1705, travelled to Connell near Oban to attend the Regular Meeting of Lodge Earraghaidheal No.1822 in the Province of Argyll and the Isles. This evening was also the Annual Visit of the PGL headed by the Depute PGM Brother Lindsay Hunter. The RWM Brother Bannatyne MacLeod invited Brother Chalmers to deliver his talk on Sir Alexander Fleming which was greatly appreciated by all present. A fantastic journey was had on the way there but the homeward journey was marred by several road closures particularly the main A82 which meant an extra hour and more travel time.

On Wednesday 4 June 2008 the RWPGM, again in his capacity as RWM of Lodge Stinchar Valley No.1705, travelled to Lodge Moorpark No.1263, in Renfrewshire East. The RWM of the Lodge, Brother Alex Speirs invited the RWM to deliver his talk on Sir Alexander Fleming which was of much interest to the brethren assembled.

RWMs at 1263
Visiting 1822
On Saturday 31 May 2008 the RWPGM attended a Special Meeting of Lodge The Royal Stuart No.1414 held within Johnstone Town Hall. RWM Brother Brian Quinn welcomed his RWPGM Brother David A. Reid and 20 other PGM's into the Lodge for the purpose of conferring the Entered Apprentice Degree on one Candidate. The MWGMM Brother Sir Archibald Donald Orr Ewing Bart, was also in attendance along with Substitute Grand Master Brother Archibald McGowan and Grand Secretary. The RWPGM of Ayrshire delivered the Lecture on the Signs and Secrets of the First Degree. It was a "unique" occasion in the history of the Scottish Craft and one which will hopefully be repeated in the future.
On Friday 16 May 2008 the RWPGM attended Lodge Nethan St John No1289 in Kirkmuirhill, Lanarkshire, for the purpose of the Lodge's Annual Past Master's re-union. RWPGM being an Honorary Member of "1289" had arranged the entertainment for the evening in the person of Bro. Andy Dick a MM of Lodge St John No. 22 who delivered a first class slide show and presentation on the Covenanters. Bro Joe Baird PM Lodge Thistle No. 127 also provided entertainment on his keyboard as well as reciting some of his poems. A collection for Joe's nominated Charity -- the Children of India -- received £65 from the brethren present. Brother Andy was presented with a quaich from the PM's of "1289" for his labours. PM Bro. Stewart Cruickshank of Lodge Ayr St Paul No 204 was in attendance as a guest.
PM Bro. Stewart Cruickshank of Lodge Ayr St Paul No.204 visited Lodge Old St Johns No.21 in Lanark, who meet in the village hall of Ravenstruther, on Mon 5 May as chauffeur to the RWPGM. PGL Secretary Bro. Robert Stewart as giving a talk on American Freemasonry. After the meeting RWM Bro. John Greenaway gave a presentation to PGL Secretary Bro. Robert. Other Ayrshire Brethren in the deputation were DPGM Bro. Robert Little, Bro.Liam Stewart, Bro. Murray Hunter and Bro.Fred Christie .
The Installation of the Right Worshipful Provincial Grand Master Brother James W Miller of Renfrewshire West was held at Greenock Town Hall on Saturday 22 March 2008. The Ceremony was conducted by the Most Worshipful Grand Master Mason Bro. Sir Archibald Donald Orr Ewing, Baronet. Provincial Grand Master Bro. Archie Chalmers attended accompanied by Past Provincial Grand Master Bro. John H Ralston, Depute Provincial Grand Master Bro. Robert Little, Substitute Provincial Grand Masters Bro. William Steel, Neville Clark and Drew C Y Rankine, Past Substitute Provincial Grand Master Bro. Archie Patrick, Provincial Grand Secretary Bro. Robert W Stewart and Bro. William McIntosh Provincial Grand Lodge Office-Bearer. The entire day was very well organised and served as a reminder of things to come on Saturday 5 April at Troon when our own Provincial Grand Master is installed. Ayrshire and Renfrewshire West have enjoyed a friendly association for a long number of years and we look forward to continuing and developing that friendship.
In his guise as RWM of Lodge Stinchar Valley No.1705, the Right Worshipful Provincial Grand Master was invited through to Lodge Discovery No.1789, Dundee which is a Lodge or Research and Instruction, to deliver a talk on Sir Alexander Fleming - Discoverer of Penicillin and Freemason. He was accompanied on that occasion by Murray Hunter SD 1705, Tom Dick PM 1590, JWN Laurie PM 127 and JS Cruickshank PM 204. They were made most welcome and enjoyed the hospitality of the RWM Ken Hepburn and the Lodge at the close of the meeting. It was well worth the journey through.
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