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With the Installation season now under way, some of the newly installed Masters are pictured below. Pictures are courtesy of Bro Stewart Cruickshank PM Ayr St Paul No 204. Images for those Masters not pictured can be e-mailed to the Web Master for inclusion on this page.

RWM No 11
RWM No 51
RWM No 86
RWM Tony N Barton
St John No 11
RWM Scott OF Mauchlen
St John (Kilwinning) Kilmarnock No 22
RWM John McLaughlin
Loudoun (Kilwinning) No 51
RWM Douglas Lancaster
Troon Navigation No 86

RWM No 109
RWM No 126
RWM No 127
RWM Ian Currie
St Marnock No 109
RWM Gordon Reid
St James Newton-upon-Ayr No 125
RWM Craig C Hamilton
St Andrew No 126
RWM Ian Broadhurst
Thistle No 127

RWM No 135
RWM No 149
RWM No 157
RWM Robert W Stewart
St David (Tarbolton) Mauchline No 133
RWM Brian Clark
St James (Kilwinning) Tarbolton No 135
RWM David Smith
Irvine St Andrew No 149
RWM Jackie Docherty
Beith St John's Kilwinning No 157

RWM No 169
RWM No 173
RWM No 198
RWM No 201
RWM Stephen Foster
Thistle and Rose No 169
RWM James Fraser
St John (Kilwinning) No 173
RWM Ralph McMorland
Royal Arch No 198
RWM William Baird
St Thomas No 201

RWM No 204
RWM No 237
RWM David Lloyd
St Clement Riccarton (Kilwinning)
Kilmarnock No 202
RWM Robert O'Neill
Ayr St Paul No 204
RWM Kenny Kidd
St Barnabas No 230
RWM Henry McMaster
Girvan St John's No 237

RWM No 290
RWM No 314
RWM No 320
RWM No 331
RWM Eddie Dunlop
Dalry Blair No 290
RWM Gordon Middleton
Royal Arch No 314
RWM Dave Austin
St John Royal Arch No 320
RWM Andrew Carnochan
St Peter No 331

RWM No 334 RWM No 399
RWM No 433
RWM No 442
RWM Adam Howie
St John No 334
RWM Ian Kelly
Royal Blues No 399
RWM David McCartney
St Thomas Kilwinning No 433
RWM Scott Turnbull
Neptune Kilwinning No 442

RWM No 497
RWM No 505
RWM No 549
RWM No 565
RWM Ian J McPherson
St John No 497
RWM Derek Rutherford
Burns St Mary No 505

RWM John McIntyre
St Matthew Kilwinning No 549
RWM John Kirkpatrick
The Bonnie Doon No 565

RWM No 566 RWM No 624
RWM Thomas Hainey
Fergusson St James No 566
RWM Thomas McDougall
Montgomerie Kilwinning No 624
RWM Robert Smith
Darvel No 971
RWM Martin Smith
Boswell St James No 1011

RWM No 1060
RWM No 1212
RWM No 1334
RWM No 1398
RWM William Cowan
Prestwick No 1060
RWM William B Fisher
Wallace St Hugh No 1212
RWM James L Bell
Coila St Andrew No 1334
RWM Paul Devlin
St Maurs No 1398

RWM No 1408
RWM No 1662
RWM No 1705
RWM No 1759
RWM Brian G McGaw
Dunlop Caledonia No 1408
RWM Andrew P Langan
Irvine Newtown No 1662
RWM James MacDonald
Stinchar Valley No 1705
RWM John McNeish
Burns Dundonald No 1759


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