RWPGM Bro. William C Steel


The Provincial Grand Lodge of Ayrshire
Ayrshire Travelling Mallet
Rules of Engagement and “Capture”

(Modified 5/1/10)

1. The open season will be from 1st of February till 31st January the following year.
2. The Mallet can only be “captured” by Daughter Lodges in the Province of Ayrshire.

3. To “capture” the Mallet, a visiting Lodge must take a deputation of at least 5 members (honorary members excluded) into any regular or special meeting of the Lodge holding the Mallet. The visiting Lodge can only count its members who form the deputation, which enter the Lodge holding the Mallet, members of the visiting Lodge sitting in the “holding” Lodge before the deputation enters, non members in the deputation and latecomers after the deputation have entered don’t count. Lodges visiting the Lodge holding the Mallet as a result of an invitation from the holding Lodge, are not eligible to capture the Mallet.

4. Each member of the visiting deputation must contribute at least £1.00 to the “Travelling Mallet Kitty” before the Visiting Lodge can claim the Mallet and the Brother Heading the Deputation must claim the Mallet before the close of the meeting of the Lodge being visited.
5. In the event of two or more Visiting Deputations, each with at least 5 brethren, visiting the “holding” Lodge, the Lodge with the larger deputation will have first claim on the Mallet subject to payment into the “Kitty”. If there are two or more Lodges each with the same size of Deputation then each deputation will be required to contribute to the “Kitty” and thereafter the Lodge entitled to “Capture” the Mallet will be decide in such a manner as the Master of the “holding Lodge may determine on the Evening. This would normally be by counting the collection of each visiting deputation, and the Lodge with the largest collection winning the Mallet.
6. On the “capture” of the Mallet the successful Lodge is required to immediately notify the Provincial Grand Secretary on 01563 571789 so that the location of the Mallet can be recorded for the information of Lodges interested in attempting its “capture”.
7. To enable the progress of the Mallet to be recorded and to give easy access to the location of the Mallet, the capturing Lodge is to report the Capture to the PGLA WEBMASTER .

8. The capturing Lodge requires to also include the words “Travelling Mallet” in the Lodge meeting advertisements.

9. The “Kitty” will travel with the Mallet and the Master of the Lodge holding the Mallet at any time will be responsible for the safe custody of the “Kitty”.
10. The Lodge holding the Mallet at the 31st January shall determine the Charity – whether Masonic or Non Masonic- to which the “Kitty” is to be donated and the “Kitty” shall be made over to the nominated charity as soon as practicable after 31st January. Details must be provided to the Provincial Grand Secretary.
11. The “Ayrshire Travelling Mallet” is intended to promote good hearted rivalry among the 44 daughter Lodges within the Province and as a “bonus” to raise donations for Charities. The “capture” of the Mallet is therefore warmly commended as cheerful fraternal fun and fund generating activity within the Province of Ayrshire.


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