RWPGM Bro. William C Steel



Right Worshipful Provincial Grand Master Bro. William Caven Steel 2018 - present

Initiated in Lodge Loudoun (Kilwinning) Newmilns No.51 in November 1978, passed in December and raised in January 1979. First took part in degree work when the Lodge visited Lodge St. John Catrine No.497 and conferred a third degree, Received the candidate on that night. That was the start of my Masonic journey which has lasted nearly 40 years. My first Office in the Lodge was Bible Bearer, I am very grateful to every Brother who gave me the help and encouragement I needed as a young Office-bearer. I have been lucky to have served with so many talented brethren. Installed as Right Worshipful Master in 1985-1987 and thereafter Lodge Treasurer for 7 years. Moved to Darvel in 1987 and became an affiliated member in 2002. Became Right Worshipful Master in 2006. Joined Provincial Grand Lodge as a Committee member and as Tyler in 1989 and held various offices before being Commissioned by Right Worshipful Provincial Grand Master Bro. John Ralston in 1997 as one of his Substitutes. I am still on my Masonic journey, keen as ever to continue to serve the Province of Ayrshire and beyond for as long as I am required. Made Honorary Grand Senior Deacon in 2010, I am privileged hold Honorary membership of several Lodges. My goal during my term as Right Worshipful Provincial Grand Master, is to encourage the Lodges within the Province to be mindful of their communities when raising money and making charitable donations. We have raised and distributed hundreds of thousands of pounds within the Province. It is my ambition to total £1 million pounds to charity and to work as closely as we can to foster good relations in our towns and villages.

Depute Provincial Grand Master Bro. James Bell 2018 - present

Initiated into Lodge Prestwick 1060 on 8 January 1976 and held office from December of that year until serving as RWM from December 1985 to December 1986. After serving as Immediate Past Master took up the office of Lodge Treasurer and held that office until 1994 when elected as Treasurer of the Provincial Grand Lodge of Ayrshire. After stepping down as Provincial Grand Treasurer in 2000 was made an Honorary Provincial Grand Treasurer by Bro. John Ralston, Provincial Grand Master, in 2001. Honorary member of Lodge St. James Tarbolton (Kilwinning) No. 135. Elected to Grand Committee for the first time in 2003 and was appointed to serve on the Administration Committee and through that committee various sub-committees. Re-elected to Grand Committee in 2004 and 2007. In 2007 was elected to the office of Worshipful Grand Inner Guard in Grand Lodge. Progressed through Worshipful Junior Grand Standard Bearer in 2008 and Worshipful Senior Grand Standard Bearer in 2009 until elected as Right Worshipful Grand Treasurer in 2010. Appointed Chairman of the Administration Committee in 2010. Continues to serve as Right Worshipful Grand Treasurer and Chairman of the Administration Committee. Member (ex officio) of the Benevolence and Care Committee, Director of Scottish Masonic Homes Ltd and Trustee of the Grand Lodge of Scotland Pension Fund. Commissioned DPGM February 2018.

Substitute Provincial Grand Master Bro. Robert William Stewart 2013 - present

Initiated, Passed and Raised in Lodge St. Peter, Galston No. 331, in 1982. Shortly after becoming involved in degree work. First office in the Lodge was Marshall and progressed through various offices until 1994, when installed as Right Worshipful Master. Served as Master from 1994-1996, having been Installed by his father, Bro. William G. Stewart PM. Has continued to confer various degrees within Lodge St. Peter and on visitations. In 2003 along with his father, initiated his son Liam into the Lodge. Conferred both his Initiation and Raising and has since conferred Master Mason Degrees with father and son in Lodge St. Peter and out with.

Elected and installed an Office-bearer of The Provincial Grand Lodge of Ayrshire in 2006, serving as Provincial Grand Senior Steward and Provincial Grand Vice-President of Stewards, prior to being commissioned as Provincial Grand Secretary in February 2008. An Affiliate Member of Lodge St David (Tarbolton) Mauchline No.133 and Lodge Stinchar Valley No. 1705, serving 1705 as Right Worshipful Master 2012. Enjoys presenting Lectures, particularly on American Freemasonry, within and out with the Province of Ayrshire. Currently Proxy Junior Warden of Lodge Regentonia (Sierra Leone and the Gambia) No.1752, made Honorary Grand Senior Deacon in 2012 and appointed to the Board of Grand Stewards of the Grand Lodge of Scotland.

Substitute Provincial Grand Master Bro. Stephen Robert McConnachie 2013 - present

Initiated into Lodge Royal Blues No.399 Kilbirnie in January 1988. Installed as Right Worshipful Master in 2000 and served as Master for two years. Continued to be involved in Lodge activities following tenure as Master and eventually elected Lodge Treasurer. Honorary member of Lodge Dalry Blair No.290 and Lodge Neptune Kilwinning No.442.

Elected PGLA 2nd Steward in 2005 and progressed to the office of PGLA Bard before being commissioned by the Right Worshipful Provincial Grand Master Brother Robert Little in February 2013 as a Substitute Provincial Grand Master. Member of PGL Committee since 2007 and since 2010 has been one of the representatives for PGLA, of the Friends of Marcus Humphrey House. Made Honorary Grand Senior Deacon in November 2017.



Substitute Provincial Grand Master Bro. William Grant 2018 - present

Initiated into Lodge Royal Arch No.314 (West Kilbride) in April 1976. Installed as Right Worshipful Master in December 2000 and served as Master for two years. Elected as Lodge Treasurer from 2004 till 2012. Currently holding Office as Director of Ceremonies. Proxy Master Lodge Elgin No.1562 Jamaica. Honorary member of Lodge Montgomerie Kilwinning No.624 and Lodge Breda No.821 in the Province of Down IC.

Elected to Provincial Grand Lodge Committee in 2003 and continuously elected to Committee since then. Elected to the Office of Provincial Grand Lodge Steward in 2004 and progressed through Offices to position of PGL Director of Ceremonies. Served on Disciplinary Committee from 2010 till 2018.

Commissioned by the Right Worshipful Provincial Grand Master Brother Billy Steel on 1 February 2018 as a Substitute Provincial Grand Master.

Substitute Provincial Grand Master Bro. George Hamilton Reid 2020 - present

Initiated into Lodge Thistle and Rose No.169 on 11 May 1976 and first took office as Organist in 2000 working through the offices to become Master 2008 - 2010 and again in November 2019.

Honorary Member of Lodge St Andrew Kilmarnock No.126 and Lodge Irvine St Andrew No.149. Currently Proxy Master of Lodge Clarendon Kilwinning No.1427 in the District Grand Lodge of Jamaica.

Elected to Provincial Grand Committee in 2010 and continuously elected to Committee ever since. Elected to the Office of Provincial Grand Tyler in 2011 and progressed through offices to position of PGL Architect. Served on Provincial Grand Lodge Disciplinary Committee 2018 - 2020.

Commissioned by the Right Worshipful Provincial Grand Master Brother William C Steel on 1 February 2020.

Provincial Grand Secretary Bro. Stuart McCall 2013 - present

Initiated into Lodge Burns St. Mary Hurlford No.505 in 1994 and held first office as Jeweller the following year. Served in a number of offices over the years and was elected RWM in 2008-10. Served as Lodge Secretary from 2012-13. Proud to be an honorary member of Lodge Newbattle St. Mary No. 1063 and Lodge Troon Navigation No.86.

Commissioned as Provincial Grand Secretary in February 2013. Proxy Worshipful Senior Warden Lodge Anik No.1707 Labrador. Made Honorary Grand Assistant Secretary in November 2017.


Provincial Grand Treasurer Bro. Neil Kinnes Mitchell 2010 - present

Initiated into Lodge St. Peter Galston No.331 in February 1968. Installed as Treasurer in November 1969 and held that office until November 1973. Acted as an auditor until November 1982. Re-elected as Treasurer until November 2001. Thereafter Right Worshipful Master. After one term as RWM and two as IPM, once again elected and installed as Treasurer till present. In 2008 elected to Provincial Grand Committee. 2010 till present has served as Provincial Grand Treasurer. Made Honorary Grand Assistant Treasurer November 2016.


Provincial Grand Chaplain Bro. Stephen Clipston 2015 - present

Minister of Auchinleck Parish Church linked with Catrine Parish, Church of Scotland. Initiated in Lodge St. John Catrine No.497 on 3 October 2012. Installed as Inner Guard on 26 October 2013, subsequently installed as Junior Deacon on 25 October 2014. Installed as Worshipful Junior Warden in October 2015 and Worshipful Senior Warden in October 2017.Commissioned as Provincial Grand Chaplain on 13 February 2015.

Provincial Grand Chaplain Bro. Alexander John Shuttleworth 2018 - present

Minister of Saline and Blairingone Parish Church linked with Tulliallan and Kincardine Parish Church. Formerly Tarbolton Parish Minister. Initiated in Lodge St James (Kilwinning) Tarbolton No.135 in 2013. Installed as Director of Music in December 2013 and as Senior Chaplain in December 2015. Commissioned as Chaplain to the Provincial Grand Lodge of Ayrshire 1 February 2018. Appointed Junior Grand Chaplain to the Grand Lodge of Scotland October 2019. A native of Dumfriesshire and well known Speaker on Robert Burns.

Senior Warden Bro. Thomas Williamson Connell PM St Maurs No.1398
Junior Warden Bro. Martin Gale Smillie PM Burns St. Mary No.505
Almoner Bro. David Stevenson PM Beith St John's (Kilwinning) No.157
Director of Ceremonies Bro. John O'Neil PM St Marnock No.109
Senior Deacon Bro. William Forbes Templeton Cuthbert PM St John No.11
Junior Deacon Bro. Liam Stewart PM St Peter No.331
Architect Bro. John Muir PM St John (Kilwinning) No.22
Jeweller Bro. Murray P. B. Hunter PM Stinchar Valley No.1705
Bible-bearer Bro. Robert McMaster PM Girvan St Johns No.237
Bard Bro. John R. Fleming PM St David (Tarbolton) Mauchline No.133
Sword-bearer Bro. James Blyth PM St Andrew No.126
Director of Music Bro. Colin McCormick PM St James (Kilwinning) Tarbolton No.135
Organist Bro. James Kurth PM St. Maurs No.1398
Piper Bro. Henry James Jamieson PM Ayr St. Paul No.204
Marshall Bro. Brian Gibson PM St John Royal Arch No.320
Standard-bearer Bro. Paul Devlin PM St Maurs No.1398
Inner Guard Bro. Charles Mitchell PM Wallace St Hugh No.1212
President of Stewards Bro. David Smith PM Irvine St Andrew No.149
Vice President of Stewards Bro. William Pettigrew PM St Thomas Kilwinning No.433
Grand Steward Bro. Roderick McLean PM Thistle No.127
Grand Steward Bro. William Burns PM Wallace Royal Arch No.314
Tyler Bro. John Law PM Burns Dundonald No.1759

Law 17 of the Bye-laws of PGLA states that PGLA Committee shall consist of the RWPGM, All PPGMs, DPGM, the four SPGMs, PSGW, all PPSGWs, PG Secretary, PGJW, PG Treasurer and PG Almoner, the Chairman of the Fund Raising Committee and the Chairman of the Complaints & Appeals Committee, all ex-officiis, together with eighteen elective members, six of whom shall retire annually and who will also be eligible for re-election.
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