RWM Bro. William Crawford



Bro. Chas Black Newark 833 EC

Excellent night spent with your Lodge on Friday 1 November. Will never view the 3rd degree in the same light again. Thanks for the warm welcome and Scottish hospitality.

Bro. Neil Smith, Vale of York Lodge of Advancement No. 9489

A most interesting website, with a very interesting Lodge history. I am intending to visit 2014.

Brian G.J Cowley PM, Lodge of the Temple No. 388, Keene N.H. U.S.A.

Having sat in the East many times in your most respected Lodge and made many friends in 135, I will be passing this web site on to my Brethren in New Hampshire so they can see just what you have been emailing them about many of the Lodges here in Ayrshire. I shall be attending 135 after the summer recess and look forward to renewing old friendships. Fraternally Wor.Brian Cowley P.M. Lodge of the Temple 388 Keene NH. Presently residing in Doonfoot, Ayrshire

Bro. Erik Smith RWM, Shettleston St John No.128

RWM and Brethren all. I bring you fraternal greetings from myself & the Past Masters, Worshipful Wardens, Office Bearers and Brethren of Lodge Shettleston St. John No. 128 in Glasgow. I have thoroughly enjoyed browsing through your great and informative site and invite you to visit ours at Please leave a message when you get there. It is a pleasure to sign your guestbook. Erik Smith RWM Lodge Shettleston St. John No. 128

Bro. David A Gunn PM, Secretary Lodge Neptune No.419

A very interesting website that you have. Fraternal Greetings from Bro William Hepburn RWM and Brethren all to your own RWM and Brethren.

Bro. Gus Stewart P.M. Lodge Edinburgh St Andrew No.48

A lovely warm welcoming site. Congratulations from the lodge where Bro. Burns was first proclaimed Scotland's National Bard.

Bro. Benjamin H Davidson Lodge Wentworth No.166

Very nice website. Interesting.

Bro. James Burns Mother Kilwinning No 0

A very informative website on the history of your lodge and its most famous brother.The virtual museum was very interesting too. I'm looking forward to visiting your lodge tonight with some fellow brethren from mother kilwinning. warm regards. A very informative website on the history of your lodge and its most famous brother.The virtual museum was very interesting too. I'm looking forward to visiting your lodge tonight with some fellow brethren from Mother Kilwinning. Warm Regards James Burns

Bro. John Sutherland Lodge Livingston St Andrew No.573

Congrats to the Lodge for enhancing the good name of Robert Burns. In this the 250th Anniversary of his birth. It is important, if not essential, that the immortal memory of the National Bard is maintained. I have had the privilege of visiting 135 on several occasion, mainly at the invitation of Bro. Robert Ross PM and I am impressed by the professionalism and the continued focus on keeping the good name of the Lodge and Robert Burns alive. Fraternally John Sutherland

David Smithies PPJGD Lodge DeWarren No.1302

I have visited your beautiful lodge and was made welcome.
I wonder if any of your brethren have a lecture that they can let me have that I can orate to our lodge about your connection with the great man himself.
I should be most grateful. I look forward with pleasure to be able to visit you again soon From the members of my lodge and myself I send hearty greetings.

Bro. David Smithies

Bro.JT The Lodge of Melrose St. John No.1 bis

Congratulations of a very professional Web Site which I found very informative. I particularly enjoyed the Virtual Museum. It is good to see so many Lodges using the Internet. Well done again.

Bro. JT

Colin Cruickshanks WJW Coila St Andrew 1334

First class web-site. well laid out easy to follow.Well done keep up the good work. Fraternally Colin Cruickshanks

RW Bro Richard Dawes Wahroonga 674 UGL of NSW the ACT

Best wishes to the Lodge and its members. I last visited in 1977 when RWB William M Lumsden was in the Chair. Is he still in the land of the living? Is his singing voice still as good as it was? Fraternally Richard

Georgios Moraitis MM Robert Burns Memorial Lodge 1470

Fraternal greetings from Robert Burns Lodge 1470 SC South Africa just a quick one to say what a great site and keep up the great work.

Douglas T Abercrombie, Coupar o'Fife 19

Congratulations on a splendid and very informative site which is a credit to your Lodge and properly honours our National Bard Bro. Robert Burns.

Ole Fosdam, Esbern Snare (Denmark) Lodge 525

Congratulations with your fine website, just meet Br. Colin in Denmark greetings to him as well. Nice to meet thru freemasons. Kind Regards Br. Ole Fosdam Denmark.

Milton Fleming, WJW St Barnabas 230

RWM Bro Colin, Wishing you all the very best for 2006/2007, your choice in Installing Masters Bro's Shirkie, Barrie and Wilson done you proud. On the day they were SIMPLY THE BEST!!!

Donnelly Mack , RWM Prestwick No 1060

Enjoyed your website keep up the good work for Ayrshire and Burns.

Jesper Gert Manley Andersson, Lyset til de ni hjerter nr. 802 BenhavnDenmark

Thanks for a very exciting meeting on the 17 of March 2006.

Jesper Manley Andersson Past Master in 9hj 802 Denmark

Jim McBlain, Wallace St Hugh 1212 Crosshill

Enjoyed your website and look forward to visiting 135 in the near future.

Lim Chong Soo, Angus 1529 SC

Very informative and interesting site. Keep up the splendid good work.

George Toler, Pilot 493 AF(AM Pilot Mountaib) NC

Enjoyed your web site. Best Fraternal Greetings to all

Robert Osborne Thomson, Tarbolton

Formerly 8 Fail Avenue. Noo in Hinckley Leicestershire, all the best fae me.Ossie Thomson


James McCurdie, RWM Tarbolton (Kil) St James No 135

Thank you very much for a wonderful day Ian, Colin & Gavin



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